Pineapple Pudding

Pouding aux Ananas


Put one and a half gills of new milk in a pan with half a stick of vanilla pod to infuse for about twenty minutes, standing the pan in the bain marie; mix a quarter of a pound of warm butter, a quarter of a pound of fine flour, and a quarter of a pound of castor sugar in a stewpan, and add the prepared milk to it, stir over the fire till it boils, turn into a basin and let it cool, then mix into it three raw yolks of eggs, and work well together for seven or eight minutes, and add two and a half whipped whites of egg and two tablespoonfuls of cut pineapple. Have a plain mould well buttered and papered with foolscap paper buttered on both sides, and ornament it all over with pineapple and angelica that are cut with a plain round cutter about the size of a sixpenny piece; pour the mixture into the mould and steam for sixty to eighty minutes; then turn out, remove the paper and serve iced Aubois sauce round it, and some of it in a boat; garnish the dish with pieces of pineapple round, and sprinkle over it a little shredded pistachio.