Little Cranberry and Apple Puddings

Petits Poudings de Canneberges et Pommes


Pick the cranberries, wash them well, and let them drain on a hair sieve till wanted. Cut up into a stewpau about one pound of good cooking apples, add two ounces of castor sugar, half a pod of vanilla split, quarter of a pint of water, and cook to a pulp, then rub it through a sieve. Take a quarter of a pound of good beef suet finely chopped, half a pound of fine flour, a pinch of salt, and mix into a stiff paste with cold water; roll it out to about a quarter of an inch thick, and neatly line some little dariol moulds with it, having first well buttered the moulds and masked over the butter with brown sugar; spread the apple purée all over the inside of the paste, fill up the dariols with the cranberries, and put into each a good teaspoonful of castor sugar and a teaspoonful of water; cover over the tops with a layer of the paste, tie a little piece of cloth over each mould, put them into a saucepan with boiling water, and let them boil for one and a quarter hours. Take them up, remove the cloths, run a little knife round the edges, turn them out on to a very hot dish, and serve with Devonshire or whipped cream. Reckon one for each person.