Apples à la Princesse Maude

Pommes à la Princesse Maude


Peel one and a half pounds of good cooking apples, cut them up and cook them in three quarters of a pint of water with four to six ounces of loaf sugar, according to the sweetness of the apples, two bayleaves, and the finely cut peel of one lemon; when the apples are perfectly soft dissolve with them three quarters of an ounce of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine, and pass the whole through the tammy; divide the purée into two parts, and redden one of them with liquid carmine and whiten the other with a little thick cream, and put them into separate saucepans to about a quarter of an inch thick, and let them set; put the pans on broken ice if you have any; when the purée is set, cut out in rounds with a plain cutter about the size of a shilling for ornamenting round the mould, and in leaf shapes for the bottom of the mould, and in the centre of each of the rounds set a little round of angelica with a little liquid jelly. Line a plain Charlotte mould with lemon jelly to about one eighth of an inch thick, set the cut leaves of apple purée regularly on the bottom of the mould with the stalk ends at the centre, and the rounds regularly round the side of the mould in alternate colours, fix these in their places with a little more of the lemon jelly, and fill up the centre with the following cream, viz. :—Separately dissolve the odds and ends of the cuttings of the purée with two tablespoonfuls of lemon jelly, and let them stand till somewhat cool, then add to each a quarter of a pint of thickly whipped cream, and pour them into the mould in alternate layers, and put to set on broken ice if you have any; when required turn out on a dish; place on the top a ball of stiffly whipped cream sweetened and flavoured with vanilla essence, and lightly sprinkle with a little chopped pistachio nuts.