Pudding à la Louise

Pouding à la Louise


Take a plain round mould, butter it well, and put a well buttered paper round inside. Have some glacé cherries and cut each in four or five slices; line the mould all over with these, pressing each slice on to the paper as you put them in. When the mould is lined all over fill it with broken vanilla or sponge cakes; then prepare a custard by breaking three and a half whole eggs in a basin (for a half pint mould) and mixing with them one and a half ounces of castor sugar, one tablespoonful of orange flower water, and one and a half gills of milk or cream; mix up all together with the whisk, add a few drops of vanilla or any other essence you may like to use, then strain this into the prepared mould and put it into a stewpan containing boiling water to half the depth of the mould; watch the water re-boil, then let the pan stand with the lid on on the side of the stove for about three quarters of an hour to steam. Turn out on to the dish, remove the paper, and have some stiffly whipped cream, sweetened and flavoured with vanilla and coloured with a little carmine, and put it round the pudding, using a forcing bag and rose pipe to form roses or leaves. Sprinkle with shredded and blanched pistachio, and Linton’s desiccated cocoanut, and serve hot or cold.