Rice à la Parisienne

Riz à la Parisienne


Take a deep plain border mould, line the top with dried cherries and angelica, cut each cherry in four or six slices, and with the finger form them into a half-moon shape; stamp out little rounds of angelica with a small round cutter, or cut it with a knife into diamond shapes; set the fruit with a little lemon jelly; also line the mould round the sides with the same jelly. If the mould is to be enough for eight persons, put three ounces of Carolina rice to blanch in cold water; when it comes to the boil strain off and wash it in cold water; put it to cook in a pint of new milk, with one bayleaf and a piece of cinnamon about one inch in length, and four ounces of loaf or castor sugar; cook gently on the side of the stove until the rice has become quite tender and the milk reduced to about a quarter of a pint, and while the rice is quite hot dissolve in it rather better than a quarter of an ounce of Marshall’s gelatine; if more flavour is liked, about six drops of essence of vanilla or a little vanilla sugar may be used; put it out in a basin, and whilst it is cooling add half a pint of whipped cream, and mix well together; put it into the prepared mould; let it set, and when firm dip in warm water, and turn out on a dish; place a compote of any kind of fruit in the centre, cover the fruit over with lightly sweetened whipped cream; garnish with cut angelica or dried cherries all round between the rice and the cream.