Apple Tart

Tarte de Pommes


Peel and cut the apples up in fine slices, fill the dish with them, sprinkle them with a little very finely chopped lemon peel, and cover with moist sugar; put a little water in the dish, cover with tart paste, ornament the edge of the paste with a paste jagger or knife, brush it over with a little cold water and sprinkle it with about two ounces of rather roughly crushed loaf sugar; cook in a moderate oven for about half or three quarters of an hour till the fruit boils, which you can tell by the juice oozing through the paste; should the pie not be cooked when the paste is a pale golden colour, cover it all over with wetted paper to prevent it becoming too brown. The fruit should be put high in the dish to give the tart a good appearance. Serve hot or cold.