Pancakes Glazed

Crêpes glacés


To make four or five nice pancakes, take one whole egg, one ounce of fine flour, a pinch of very finely chopped lemon peel, or four or five drops of vanilla essence, and three large tablespoonfuls of milk. Mix the egg, flour, and flavouring together till the whole presents a smooth appearance, then add the milk by degrees until the whole is thoroughly well mixed into a batter. Make a clean omelet or frying pan quite hot, and brush the bottom over with warm fat by means of an old paste brush; the fat should be kept in a stewpan on the side of a stove; pour about one and a half to two tablespoonfuls of the batter into the pan, and turn it about till the batter spreads over the bottom like a thin wafer, and fry over a brisk fire on both sides till the pancake is a pretty golden brown. When one side is done, the pancake can be turned by giving the pan a jerk and a toss. The pancakes can be made in rapid succession when the pan is hot. As each pancake is done, turn it on to a hot baking tin, and dredge it over with castor, vanilla, or lemon sugar, roll it up like a scroll, and keep it on a tin at the mouth of the oven. When sufficient are prepared, dust them all over the outside with icing sugar, and glaze this with a red-hot salamander till it presents a caramel appearance. Dish them up on a paper on a hot dish, and serve quarters of lemon, or a lemon cut like a basket, in the centre of each dish, with the pancakes arranged around. These pancakes may be masked with jam if desired.