Pound Cake


Take one pound of butter and the peel of a lemon chopped fine and work it to a creamy consistency, then add one pound of castor sugar and work these together for ten minutes, add nine raw yolks of eggs and a wineglass of brandy, work these all together for ten minutes more, then mix in a quarter of a pound of stoned raisins, a quarter of a pound of sultanas, a quarter of a pound of dried and well washed currants, a quarter of a pound of cherries cut up in little square pieces, and a quarter of a pound of mixed peel cut up small, and a quarter of a pound of finely chopped almonds. Whip the nine whites of eggs till quite stiff with a pinch of salt, and then mix them into the other ingredients with one pound of fine flour that has been warmed and passed through a sieve, mixing the flour and whites by degrees. Have a cake tin buttered and papered, put the mixture into it and bake in a very moderate oven for about two and a half hours, or it can be put into small tins if liked, and baked for one and a half hours. If these cakes are turned out and the paper left on them they will keep for some weeks. They can be masked with almond icing if liked, and when this is dry iced over with Royal icing and ornamented with the same icing if wished.