Nuns Cake


Put ten ounces of butter into a basin with the finely chopped peel of a lemon and a pinch of ground cinnamon, work these either with the hand or with a wooden spoon for ten minutes, then add half a pound of castor sugar and work again until the mixture is quite white, mix in half a pound of fine flour that has been sifted and warmed, work for five or six minutes, then add five raw yolks of eggs and a tablespoonful of Marshall’s maraschino or other liqueur syrup, mix well again, and add by degrees a quarter of a pound of Linton Hubbard’s Desiccated Cocoanut and five whites of eggs that have been whipped stiff, with a pinch of salt, working the mixture as little as possible after adding the whites. Take some plain charlotte moulds, butter and paper them well, and then dust them over inside with the desiccated cocoanut and put the mixture in the mould. Bake for about three quarters to one hour in a moderate oven till a pretty golden colour. This quantity will make two fair sized cakes. These are nice for luncheon or tea, and can be used for dessert if baked in a fancy mould.