Coffee Cakes

Gâteaux au Café


Put in a stewpan four whole eggs, half a tablespoonful of strong coffee or coffee essence, and six ounces of castor sugar, and whip all together over boiling water till just warm: take off and continue the whipping till the mixture is cold and stiff, then add by degrees four ounces of fine flour which have been passed through a sieve and made warm, take any little fancy tins, such as are used for sponge cakes, finger biscuits, &c., and first brush over the insides with warm butter, and then dust them over with a little fine sugar and flour mixed in equal quantities; after the tins have been thus dusted, knock them on the table to remove any superfluous flour and sugar, fill them with the cake mixture and bake for about fifteen minutes and then turn them out. These can be served plain with a little castor sugar dusted over them, or may be glazed with the coffee glace.