Little Cakes with Coffee Icing

Petits Gâteaux glacés au Café


Put six ounces of castor sugar into a stewpan with two dessertspoonfuls of strong coffee and four whole eggs; whip them over boiling water till the mixture is just warm; remove from the boiling water, and whip till cold and stiff, then mix in lightly four ounces of fine flour that has been passed through the sieve and warmed in the screen; bake in any little fancy mould for fifteen minutes in a moderate oven; when cooked, let them stand in the tins for a minute or two before turning them out: they may be glazed over with coffee icing or served plain. These little cakes will keep well in a box. The moulds before being used must be- lightly buttered with clarified butter and dusted over with castor sugar and flour mixed together in equal proportions.