Rice Cake

Gateau de Riz


Work half a pound of good butter in a basin till of a creamy appearance, then add half a pound of castor sugar, four drops of essence of almonds, and four drops of vanilla, and work all together with the hands or a wooden spoon for about ten minutes, then work in six whole eggs (one at a time) five ounces of fine flour mixed with three ounces of crème de riz or ground rice, working in about a tablespoonful of this with each egg; it will take about fifteen minutes to work these in properly; brush over the inside of two pint cake moulds with a little warm butter, and line them with buttered kitchen paper, fill them with the cake mixture, and put them to bake for about an hour in a moderate oven. If the paper is kept on these cakes when turned out of the mould, and they are put in a tin box, they will keep for a week or two. The same mixture can be baked in any little fancy shaped moulds, in which case the buttered paper may be dispensed with, but the mould should be dusted over with a little flour after it is brushed with the warm butter.