Yorkshire Tea Cakes


Put one pound of fine flour into a basin, and make a well in the centre of it. Mix half an ounce of German yeast with a gill of lukewarm milk; with the yeast and milk mix one well beaten egg and three ounces of good butter that has been dissolved in a gill of warm water; pour this into the well in the basin, and gradually work in about a quarter of a part of the flour till it is a light batter; sprinkle this with a little more of the flour, and let it remain in the centre of the unmixed flour, cover the basin with a cloth, set it in a warm place, let it stand for about one hour, then knead the whole into a light dough; a little more milk can be added if necessary; cut the dough across the top in a cross form, cover the basin again, and leave it for about half an hour to rise; then turn out on the table or slab, and roll it out very lightly about an inch thick, and cut in rounds about three inches in diameter; place these on a floured baking tin, set them again in the screen to rise for about ten minutes, and bake in a moderate oven for about twenty minutes. These can be served with warm butter poured over or inside them, or split and toasted like muffins, and served very hot. Sultanas, caraway seeds, currants, or mixed peel can be used in them if for tea.