Jubilee Tea Cakes

Gâteaux à la Jubilé


Put half a gill of cream and half a gill of water into a stewpan with two ounces of fresh butter and one ounce of castor sugar, and let it come to the boil; then mix into it three ounces of very finely chopped almonds; work these well together and let it cook on the side of the stove for about five minutes; put four raw yolks of eggs and a few drops of essence of vanilla into a basin and work it well for about ten minutes, then stir the almond mixture gradually into the yolks, mix well for five minutes, then whip the whites of two raw eggs quite stiff with a pinch of salt, and mix them into the prepared mixture. Lightly butter and paper a round fleur ring and dust it with sugar and flour mixed in equal quantities; put a sheet of buttered paper on a baking tin, pour the mixture into the ring and bake for about twenty-five minutes. The cakes should be a pale brown colour when baked; take them from the oven, remove the paper, place them on a pastry rack, and when cold glaze them with tea glace, and before the glace is set sprinkle the top with blanched and shredded pistachios, and garnish round the edge with Linton Hubbard’s desiccated cocoanut. Serve on a dish-paper or napkin for tea or dessert, or for a sweet for luncheon or with a compote of fruit or ice. The chopped almonds are better if passed through a sieve.