Cross Buns


Rub half a pound of cooking butter into two pounds of flour until perfectly smooth; then add half a pound of castor sugar, a quarter of an ounce of ground cinnamon, and if liked, the same amount of mace may also be used; then mix two ounces of German yeast with a pint of tepid milk and two whole eggs which have been beaten up with a fork; add this to the other ingredients and knead all together into a light dough; put into a basin, cover over with a clean cloth, and place it in the screen before the fire or in some other warm place to rise for about two hours; then mix in, if liked, a quarter of a pound of washed and well dried currants; roll the mixture lightly round with the finger till in the shape of the buns; put them on a buttered tin and mark the tops in the form of a cross; put them into the screen again to rise for about ten to fifteen minutes, then brush over the tops with warm milk, and bake in a quick oven for fifteen to twenty minutes.

The quantity given above will make twenty-four to twenty-eight good sized buns.