Sally Luns


Take six ounces of fine flour that has been sifted and warmed; put a quarter of this into a basin, and keep the other three parts warm in the screen; mix a good quarter of an ounce of German yeast with four good tablespoonfuls of warm cream, and work it into the flour in the basin till a light dough, then put it in the screen to rise till it is about double its former size. Take the other three parts of the flour, and mix into it in a basin a good pinch of salt, three quarters of an ounce of castor sugar, two raw yolks of eggs, two and a half ounces of warm butter, and half a gill of warm cream; when these have been worked together for four or five minutes, and it is quite light, add the other part prepared with the yeast, and work all together for five or six minutes; put it into buttered tins, and stand them on a baking tin in a warm screen until the paste rises to about twice its original size, brush it over with a little warm milk, and bake in a quick oven for fifteen minutes. The tin should be about two and a half inches deep, and the mixture put in to about half the depth. When about to be served, these cakes can be cut, toasted, and buttered, or when taken from the oven they may be split, warm butter poured in, and cut like muffins.