Salt Biscuits

Biscuits salés


Mix a saltspoonful of salt with half a pound of fine flour, and then rub half an ounce of butter into it till smooth; put a gill and a half of tepid milk and water into a basin, and mix with it half an ounce of German yeast and the flour mixture as above; then make it up into a light dough, put in a covered basin and let it rise for one and a quarter hours in a warm place; roll it out very thinly, and cut in the shape of fingers about three inches long and not thicker than a filbert, using as little flour as possible. Brush each over lightly with milk, and sprinkle them with rough dry salt. Then place them on a baking tin that is lightly floured, and bake for one and a half to two hours, when they should be perfectly dry and crisp and a pretty fawn colour. If kept in a dry place these will remain good for some time, and can be served with cheese, or for hors-d’œuvre, luncheon, or savoury.