Jelly à la Française

Gelée à la Française


Prepare a quart of lemon jelly as fully described in the foregoing recipe, and divide it into three parts; colour one part with a few drops of sap green to make it of a pale tint like green Chartreuse, and flavour it with Chartreuse, noyeau, brandy, or other flavour; garnish the other two parts respectively with a little broken gold and silver leaf, which must be added when the jelly is getting cold; but before it sets, flavour these parts according to taste. Take a mould such as shown in the engraving, and pour into it the part of the jelly which has been coloured green until it fills all the projecting parts of the mould; let this set, then arrange in layers those parts of jelly which have been garnished with the gold and silver leaf till the mould is nearly full; fill it up with the remaining green jelly, let the whole get set, and when required turn it out in the usual way.