Belgrave Jelly

Gelée à la Belgrave


Fill the Belgrave mould with lemon jelly that is flavoured with wine, fix the pipes in the mould with a weight and let it remain till cold, then fill each of the pipes with hot water so as to loosen them from the jelly, and take them out; the spaces which the pipes have formed can then be filled by means of forcing bags and pipes with a purée of fruit mixed with cream, or with differently flavoured and coloured creams; then pour a little more jelly on the top to set the cream. When ready to serve turn out as described for ‘Lemon Jelly’ on to a dish-paper or napkin on the dish it is to be served on. The special Belgrave mould can be had in tin or copper.

Cream for Jelly à la Belgrave

Allow for each space one tablespoonful of whipped cream and two tablespoonfuls of lemon jelly; mix these together, when just getting thick, like whipped cream, add to each a few drops of essence, either coffee, vanilla, pineapple, or banana, keeping each flavour separate. Each of the different flavours can be coloured differently if liked.