Timbale à la Célestine


Peel the ripe peaches (or use whole tinned fruit), and cut them in thin slices—from the outside to the stone—and lay the slices out on a clean baking tin; colour the part of each slice which was touching the stone with liquid carmine to heighten the natural colour which the stone often imparts to the part next to it. Line a fancy jelly mould with lemon jelly that is well flavoured with liqueur about one eighth of an inch thick, and set the slices of peach all round it, putting the coloured part next to the mould, and setting each layer with more jelly to keep it in place. When the inside of the mould is covered with the fruit fill it up with more peaches and jelly, until the mould is full. When set turn out on a dish; if your mould has a pipe in it fill up the space with whipped cream, sweetened and coloured with carmine and flavoured with vanilla. The top of the cream and the dish may be garnished with shredded cocoanut or Linton’s Desiccated cocoanut, and sprinkled over with a little chopped pistachio.