Blanc-mange à la Princesse


Boil a pint of cream or milk with a quarter of a pound of castor sugar, a little lemon peel, and a little bayleaf or cinnamon; dissolve in this half an ounce of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine, and pass it through the strainer or tammy. Line any pretty mould with lemon jelly, and garnish the lining with little bunches of various kinds of dried fruits that have been mixed with a little of the same jelly and stirred on ice till set, and set them with more jelly to fix them to the mould. Flavour the blanc-mange with a wineglass of Noyeau syrup and a tablespoonful of brandy, and pour it into the mould; let it set, and when required to be turned out dip the mould for a few seconds in hot water, pass a clean cloth over the bottom to absorb any of the water, turn the blanc-mange on to a dish-paper, and serve.