Charlotte Russe


Line a plain mould with a well oiled paper all over, trim some finger sponge cakes, and place them all round the mould close together; then prepare a custard to fill up the centre; put rather better than a quarter of a pint of milk, just bring it to the boil, with two ounces of castor sugar and a piece of split vanilla pod, then stand it in the bain marie to infuse, or the custard can be flavoured with vanilla or other essence when cool; dissolve in it a quarter of an ounce of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine, and stir it on to two raw yolks of eggs; thicken over the fire, but do not let the custard boil after the eggs are added; tammy, and when cool add a good quarter of a pint of thickly whipped cream and two tablespoonfuls of Maraschino or Noyeau syrup, fill up the mould with it, and when set turn out and remove the oiled paper, and serve on a dish-paper. The Charlotte can be garnished with whipped cream arranged round the dish by means of a bag and fancy pipe.