Charlotte à l’Alexandra

Charlotte à l'Alexandra


Take a plain Charlotte mould, oil it, and line it with an oiled paper, and arrange round it some vanilla or sponge finger biscuits, trimming them as may be necessary to fix them nicely and evenly in the mould, then fill the mould up with a chocolate bavaroise, and put the mould aside in a cold place or on ice till the bavaroise is set. When ready to serve dip the Charlotte mould in hot water for a moment, pass a cloth over the bottom to absorb any moisture, and turn the Charlotte out on to a dish; remove the paper and pour a thick apricot sauce over and round the Charlotte, and sprinkle it with some blanched and shredded pistachio kernels. This is a nice sweet either for luncheon or dinner.

Bavaroise for Charlotte à l’Alexandra

Take a quarter of a pound of Fry’s Chocolate, cut it up small, add a few drops of essence of vanilla, and put it in a stewpan with two ounces of castor sugar and rather better than half a pint of milk; let it boil for about ten minutes, then dissolve in it half an ounce of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine and pour it on to three raw yolks of eggs in a basin, keeping it stirred; then pour it back into the stewpan, and stir it over the fire till it thickens, but do not let it boil; pass it through the tammy, and when it is getting cool add to it half a pint of whipped cream and a wineglass of Maraschino syrup, and pour it into the mould to set.