Vanilla Bavaroise

Bavaroise ร  la Vanilla


Boil a good three quarters of a pint of milk with three inches of vanilla pod split in two; as soon as the milk comes to the boil leave it on the side of the stove in the bain marie for about fifteen minutes to infuse, then dissolve in it three ounces of castor sugar and half an ounce of Marshallโ€™s Finest Leaf Gelatine; mix this on to three raw yolks of eggs in a saucepan and stir over the fire till it thickens; strain through the tammy, and when it is beginning to set, mix into it half a pint of plainly whipped cream and a few drops of vanilla essence, pour the mixture into any fancy mould and let it set. It is best to put it on ice, if you have any. When required, dip it in warm water, pass a cloth over the mould and over the bottom to absorb any water, turn it out on to a dish-paper or napkin, and serve.