Bavaroise with Pistachios

Bavaroise aux Pistaches


Take a fancy mould and line it about one eighth of an inch thick with lemon jelly. Have a quarter of a pound of pistachios put into cold water, and let them come to the boil, strain them, and rub them in a cloth to remove the skins, cut them in slices lengthwise and from the slices cut very fine shreds, put these into a little stewpan with six tablespoonfuls of lemon jelly that is coloured a pretty bright green with Marshall’s sap green, mix together, and leave on ice till the pistachios are set, then take some up, and with the fingers press them all over the prepared mould. When the mould is completely covered inside, lightly mask over with more lemon jelly and let this set, then fill up the mould with bavaroise mixture prepared thus :—

Bavaroise Mixture

Take a good half pint of new milk and put into it half a stick of vanilla pod and two ounces of castor sugar, let it infuse for about ten minutes, standing the pan in the bain marie, remove the pod, and dissolve in the milk half an ounce of Marshall’s gelatine; put three raw yolks of eggs into a basin, and stir the milk on to them; return the mixture to the stewpan, and stir on the stove till the contents thicken, but do not allow it to boil; strain it through the tammy or strainer and let it cool, then mix into it two large tablespoonfuls of orange flower water and a wineglass of Marshall’s Maraschino or Noyeau syrup and half a pint of stiffly whipped cream: stir well together and pour into the ornamented mould; put it away to get cold and set; when required, turn it out as in foregoing recipe on a dish on a paper or napkin, and serve for a sweet for dinner or luncheon or for any cold collation.

Jelly on Ice to set quickly.