Orange Chartreuse à la Royale

Chartreuse d’Oranges à la Royale


Line a plain charlotte mould thinly with lemon or orange flavoured jelly, remove the peel and pith from five or six oranges, and cut out the pulpy parts of their natural divisions free from the skin; blanch, peel, and cut into shreds some pistachio nuts and mix them with just a little of the lemon jelly, coloured with a little sap green, and let it remain till the shreds are set together with the jelly. Prepare in a similar manner some shreds of uncrystallised cherries, with jelly coloured red with liquid carmine; arrange the orange, pistachio, and cherries alternately inside the mould till it is entirely covered, and set the fruit with a little more jelly. Prepare a Vanilla Bavaroise mixture and divide it into three parts, colouring two of them respectively red and green with Marshall’s sap green and liquid carmine, leave the other white, and flavour them with three different flavours; pour them into the mould, allowing each to set before putting in the following one; when set, turn out in the usual way, and serve on a dish-paper.