Fritot of Oysters on Croûtons

Fritot d’Huîtres sur Croûtes


Take some fresh oysters, beard them and season with a little lemon juice and cayenne pepper; cut some fat bacon very thinly, and stamp it out in rounds with a plain round cutter about the size of a crown piece, then place each oyster on a round of the bacon and put another piece of bacon on the top so as to completely cover the oysters; pinch the bacon well round the edges to make them keep close together, dip them into frying batter, then drop them separately in clean boiling fat; turn them occasionally and fry till a pretty golden colour, then, when cooked, drain them on a rack or sieve; stamp out some little round slices of bread about a quarter of an inch thick with a plain round cutter, mask these with lax purée, using a fancy rose pipe and forcing bag for the purpose, then place the fritots on these and dish up on a dish-paper or napkin; serve for a second course dish for a small party, or for a savoury for a dinner party, or as a breakfast dish.