Profiteroles with Parmesan

Profiteroles au Parmesan


Put a quarter of a pint of cold water into a stewpan with two ounces of butter, a pinch of salt, and a tiny dust of cayenne pepper; let it come to the boil, then add to it two and a half ounces of fine flour; mix up well, and cook on the side of the stove for ten minutes; then remove the pan from the fire and put it aside to cool; then work in by degrees one and a half raw eggs and one ounce of grated Parmesan cheese; flatten it out and cut in pieces about the size of a halfpenny; cut some Gruyère or Parmesan cheese about the size of a Spanish nut, and wrap them up in the pieces of the paste, and drop them into hot clean fat (which must not be boiling), and fry them for eight or ten minutes, turning them about occasionally; when they are a pretty golden colour, take them up, roll them in grated Parmesan cheese, and dish them on a dish-paper or napkin, and serve at once.