Parmesan Fondu

Fondue au Parmesan


Put a little better than a quarter of a pint of milk in a small stewpan to boil with half a blade of mace and a slice of eschalot; put into another stewpan one ounce of flour and one ounce of butter, and let it remain on the side of the stove till the butter is melted, then stir them together and mix in the boiling milk; season with a little dust of cayenne and a tiny pinch of salt; stir till the whole re-boils, tammy it, and mix with it two ounces of grated Parmesan cheese and two raw yolks of eggs, and the two whites first whipped till stiff, with a pinch of salt. Prepare about one dozen little souffle cases by oiling them on the outside and drying them in the screen till quite stiff; partly fill them with the above mixture, sprinkle a few browned breadcrumbs on the top of each, and bake them in a moderate oven for about fifteen minutes; dish on a hot dish with a dish-paper or napkin, and serve at once. These are very suitable for a second course dish, or for a savoury after the sweet, or for luncheon.