Devilled Lobster

Homard à la Diable


Take the meat from the claws of the lobster and pull out all the creamy part from the head and chop it up perfectly fine, mix with it a dust of cayenne pepper, a dessertspoonful of chopped chutney, one and a half ounces of warm butter, and one peeled raw tomato chopped fine; put these all together in a stewpan and stir over the fire till the mixture boils, then add a teaspoonful of mixed English mustard and the same of French mustard, stir all together, turn out on to little square pieces of hot buttered toast and serve with a little sprinkling of chopped parsley and lobster coral; this should be served very hot. The body of the lobster can be used up in the same way or kept for a mayonnaise or other dish. This is also an excellent dish to serve for breakfast.