Sardines à la Cambridge


Take some sardines, say twelve, for six to eight persons, remove all the outside skin, take the fillets from the bones and rub the meat through a fine hair sieve and mix it with six minced raw bearded oysters, two hard boiled yolks of eggs, a tiny dust of cayenne pepper, three ounces of freshly made white breadcrumbs, one and a half ounces of warm butter and the liquor from the oysters and two raw yolks of eggs; divide the mixture into portions about the size of a Spanish nut, roll each up in fine flour and dip into whole beaten up egg, then into freshly made white breadcrumbs, and put into a frying basket and fry for three or four minutes in clean boiling fat, then dish up in a pile on a hot dish on a dish-paper and serve; garnish with a little fresh green parsley round the dish here and there.