Devilled Fish

Poisson à la Diable


Take a teaspoonful of unmixed English mustard, a dessertspoonful of French mustard, ditto of chopped chutney, a dust of cayenne pepper, a little black pepper, a teaspoonful of essence of anchovy, four boned anchovies chopped fine, and a pinch of salt, and mix them together in a basin into a paste. Have the fish that is to be devilled steeped in a little warm butter, and then mask it over with the prepared paste, using a palette knife for the purpose; then sprinkle over it a few browned breadcrumbs, place a few pieces of butter here and there, and put it on a tin in the oven to cook for ten to fifteen minutes, according to the size of the fish. Dish up on a dish-paper; garnish with green parsley. This is nice for fresh haddock or any remains of cold fish.