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  • Makes Four 6 Inch Cakes to Serve


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    Memories of Philippine Kitchens

    Memories of Philippine Kitchens

    By Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan

    Published 2006

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    This is the recipe that many of our customers have been waiting for. The bibingka’s biggest following is, surprisingly, our Ukrainian and Russian customers who come regularly on the weekends and order them as appetizers.

    I experimented with this recipe until I found the rice that suited my taste. I love Nishiki (short-grain rice) for this recipe, but other types such as jasmine rice will work as well. The bibingka should amplify the nuanced flavors of rice. Experiment by mixing black rice with the white rice or changing the flavorings from sweet to savory. Instead of cheese and sugar, Romy sometimes makes variations using leeks, mushrooms, and bits of pork tocino.

    If you don’t have the specified pan size, line giant or regular muffin tins with banana leaves and use those, reducing the baking time slightly. They are great served this way at cocktail parties.