Brandy and coke, biltong and focaccia

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Mile 8: A book about cooking

Mile 8

By David Higgs

Published 2018

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Gary and I always have a drink after service, but it’s there that I start getting very peckish. Biltong is my go-to guy with the leftover bread. One night in London, myself and Jean Engelbrecht had a long day out eating and when we got back to the hotel all we wanted was a brandy and coke. Obviously no Klipdrift, so cognac and coke it was ...


Brandy and coke

  • 50 ml brandy
  • 150 ml cola
  • 1 lemon slice to garnish


  • 2 kg silverside
  • 140 ml brown vinegar
  • 200 ml Worcestershire sauce
  • 40 g crushed black pepper
  • 60 g toasted coriander seeds
  • 8 g sea salt flakes
  • 5 g brown sugar


Cut the silverside into 3 cm-wide slices and place in a dish. Mix together the vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and add the meat strips. Mix together the remaining ingredients and rub the spice mixture into the meat. Layer the strips in a glass container and marinate for 4–16 hours in the fridge.

Place the marinated strips in a biltong maker or dehydrator at 24°C for 72–96 hours (3–4 days). The longer you hang the meat strips, the dryer it becomes. Once dried, slice the biltong on a gravity slicer on setting 1.

Straight-mix the ingredients for each drink over ice and top with a lemon slice to garnish.

To assemble, thickly slice the sides and top crust off of the focaccia and serve with 25 g30 g biltong per serving, along with the brandy and coke.