Vermicelli Soup

Potage au Vermicelle

blanching in boiling water 5 minutes; stewed in soup 10 to 15 minutes.


  • Bouillon, or gravy soup, 3 quarts
  • vermicelli, 6 oz.; 30 minutes.
  • Soup, 3 quarts
  • vermicelli, 4 oz.


Drop very lightly, and by degrees, six ounces of vermicelli, broken rather small, into three quarts of boiling bouillon or clear gravy soup; let it simmer for half an hour* over a gentle fire, and stir it often. This is the common French mode of making vermicelli soup, and we can recommend it as a particularly good one for family use. In England it is customary to soak, or to blanch the vermicelli, then to drain it well, and to stew it for a shorter time in the soup; the quantity also, must be reduced quite two ounces, to suit modern taste.

* When of very fine quality, the vermicelli will usually require leas boiling than this. We have named to the reader, in another part of the volume, Mr. Cobbett, 18, Pall Mall, as supplying all the Italian pastes extremely good. There are, of course, many other houses in London where they may be procured equally so; but in naming Mr. Cobbett, who is personally unknown to us, we merely give the result of our own experience of many years. Some articles of vary superior quality purchased for us at his warehouse by a person merely commissioned to procure the best that could be had β€œfrom Town,” first directed our attention to his house (a long established one, we believe), which is justly noted, especially amongst affluent country families, for the excellence of the goods which it sends out. We give this explanation, because it seems invidious to select, from the large number of deservedly celebrated establishments of the same class which are to be found here, any one in particular for mention in a work of this nature.