Common Carrot Soup

5 minutes.


  • Soup, 2 quarts
  • pounded carrot, lb.
  • salt, cayenne:


The most easy method of making this favourite English soup is to boil some highly coloured carrots quite tender in water slightly salted, then to pound or mash them to a smooth paste, and to mix with them boiling gravy soup or strong beef broth (see Bouillon) in the proportion of two quarts to a pound and a half of the prepared carrots; then to pass the whole through a strainer, to season it with salt and cayenne, to heat it in a clean stewpan, and to serve it immediately. If only the red outsides of the carrots be used, the colour of the soup will be very bright: they should be weighed after they are mashed. Turnip soup may be prepared in the same manner.

Obs.—An experienced and observant cook will know the proportion of vegetables required to thicken this soup appropriately, without having recourse to weights and measures; but the learner had always better proceed by rule.