A Finer Carrot Soup


  • Butter, 3 oz.
  • carrots, 2 lbs.: 1 hour.
  • Soup, 4½ pints: 50 to 60 minutes.
  • Salt, cayenne: 5 minutes.


Scrape very clean, and cut away all blemishes from some highly-flavoured red carrots; wash, and wipe them dry, and cut them into quarter-inch slices. Put into a large stewpan three ounces of the best butter, and when it is melted, add two pounds of the sliced carrots, and let them stew gently for an hour without browning; pour to them then four pints and a half of brown gravy soup, and when they have simmered from fifty minutes to an hour, they ought to be sufficiently tender. Press them through a sieve or strainer with the soup; add salt, and cayenne if required; boil the whole gently for five minutes, take off all the scum, and serve the soup as hot an possible.