Common Turnip Soup

Last time: three minutes.


  • Turnips, 3 lbs.
  • butter, 4 oz.: ¾ hour.
  • Soup, 2 quarts: ¾ hour.


Wash and wipe the turnips, pare and weigh them; allow a pound and a half for every quart of soup. Cut them in slices about a quarter of an inch thick. Melt four ounces of butter in a clean stewpan, and put in the turnips before it begins to boil; stew them gently for three quarters of an hour, taking care that they shall not brown, then have the proper quantity of soup ready boiling, pour it to them, and let them simmer in it for three quarters of an hour. Pulp the whole through a coarse sieve or soup strainer, put it again on the fire, keep it stirred until it has boiled three minutes or four, take off the scum, add salt and pepper if required, and serve it very hot.