Superlative Hare Soup


  • Hare, 1
  • ham, 12 to 16 oz.
  • onions, 3 to 6
  • mace, 3 blades
  • faggot of Savoury herbs
  • beef stock, 3 quarts: 2 hours.
  • Crumb of 2 rolls
  • port wine, ½ pint
  • little salt and cayenne: 20 minutes.


Cut down a hare into joints, and put into a soup-pot, or large stewpan, with about a pound of lean nam, in thick slices, three moderate-sized mild onions, three blades of mace, a faggot of thyme, sweet marsoram, and parsley, and about three quarts of good beef stock. Let it stew very gently for full two hours from the time of its first beginning to boil, and more, if the hare be old. Strain the soup and pound together very fine the slices of ham and all the flesh of the back, legs, and shoulders of the hare, and put this meat into a stewpan with the liquor in which it was boiled, the crumb of two French rolls, and half a pint of port wine. Set it on the stove to simmer twenty minutes; then rub it through a sieve, place it again on the stove till very hot, but do not let it boil: season it with salt and cayenne, and send it to table directly.