Salmon Pudding, to be Served Hot or Cold

A Scotch Receipt—Good

Baked 1 hour.


  • Salmon, 1 lb.
  • bread-crumbs, ½ lb.:
  • essence of anchovies, 1 teaspoon
  • cream, ¼ pint
  • eggs, 4
  • salt and cayenne


Pound or chop small, or rub through a sieve one pound of cold boiled salmon freed entirely from bone and skin; and blend it lightly but thoroughly with half a pound of fine bread-crumbs, a teaspoonful of essence of anchovies, a quarter of a pint of cream, a seasoning of fine salt and cayenne, and four well whisked eggs. Press the mixture closely and evenly into a deep dish or mould, buttered in every part, and bake it for one hour in a moderate oven.