Stewed Cod


  • Cod fish, 3 lbs.: boiled 5 minutes.
  • Gravy, or strong broth, nearly 1 pint: 5 minutes.
  • Bread-crumbs, 4 tablespoonsful: 3 minutes.
  • Arrow-root, 1 large teaspoonful
  • mace, ¼ teaspoon
  • less of cayenne
  • essence of anchovies, 1 tablespoonful
  • lemon-juice, 1 dessertspoonful
  • sherry or Maidera, 1 wineglassful: 2 minutes.


Put into boiling water, salted as usual, about three pounds of fresh cod fish cut into slices an inch and a half thick, and boil them gently for five minutes; lift them out, and let them drain. Have ready heated in a wide stewpan nearly a pint of veal gravy or of very good broth, lay in the fish, and stew it for five minutes, then add four tablespoonsful of extremely fine bread-crumbs, and simmer it for three minutes longer. Stir well into the sauce a large teaspoonful of arrow-root quite free from lumps, a fourth part as much of mace, something less of cayenne, and a tablespoonful of essence of anchovies, mixed with a glass of white wine and a dessertspoonful of lemon juice. Boil the whole for a couple of minutes, lift out the fish carefully with a slice, pour the sauce over, and serve it quickly.

bs.—A dozen or two of oysters, bearded, and added with their strained liquor to this dish two or three minutes before it is served, will to many tastes vary it very agreeably.