To Boil Haddocks

In the best season in October, November, and December

7 to 10 minutes.



Scrape the outsides very clean, open the fish, empty them, wash the insides thoroughly, take out the gills, curl the haddocks round, fasten the tails to the mouths, arrange them on a fish-plate, and lay them into hot water salted as for mackerel. Take off all the scum, and simmer them from seven to ten minutes or longer, according to their size, which, as we have said in the directions for โ€œthe best mode of cooking various kind of fish,โ€ at the commencement of this chapter, varies greatly, as they are sometimes very large; they must then be brought more slowly to boil, and more time must be allowed for them. Send them very hot to table, with a tureen of melted butter, and one of anchovy sauce.

Obs.โ€”In Scotland haddocks are skinned before they are boiled, and the heads are taken off; but we see no advantage in this mode of dressing them. Whitings, fresh herrings, and codlings, may all be dressed by this receipt, the time only being varied according to the size of the fish.