Jus des Rognons, or, Kidney Gravy

1Β½ hour.


  • Mutton kidneys, 3
  • butter, 2 oz.
  • onion, 1
  • fine herbs, 1 teaspoonful:
  • Water, 1 pint
  • salt, Β½ teaspoonful
  • little cayenne, or black pepper:


Strip the skin and take the fat from three fresh mutton kidneys, slice and flour them; melt two ounces of butter in a deep saucepan, and put in the kidneys, with an onion cut small, and a teaspoonful of fine herbs stripped from the stalks. Keep these well shaken over a clear fire until nearly all the moisture is dried up; then pour in a pint of boiling water, add half a teaspoonful of salt, and a little cayenne or common pepper, and let the gravy boil gently for an hour and a half, or longer, if it be not thick and rich. Strain it through a fine sieve, and take off the fat. Spice or catsup may be added at pleasure.

Obs.β€”This is an excellent cheap gravy for haricots, curries, or hashes of mutton; it may be much improved by the addition of two or three eschalots, and a small bit or two of lean meat.