Aspic, or Clear Savoury-Jelly


  • Calf’s feet, 2
  • veal, 4 lbs.
  • ham, ¾ lb.
  • onions, 2
  • carrots, 3
  • herbs, large bunch
  • mace, 3 blades
  • white whole pepper, 1 teaspoon
  • water, 1 gallon: 5 to 6 hours.
  • Whites of eggs, 4: 15 minutes.


Boil a couple of calf’s feet, with three or four pounds of knuckle of veal, three quarters of a pound of lean ham, two large onions, three whole carrots, and a large bunch of herbs, in a gallon of water, till it is reduced more than half. Strain it off; when perfectly cold, remove every particle of fat and sediment, and put the jelly into a very clean stewpan, with four whites of eggs well beaten; keep it stirred until it is nearly boiling; then place it by the side of the fire to simmer for a quarter of an hour. Let it settle, and pour it through a jelly-bag until it is quite clear. Add, when it first begins to boil, three blades of mace, a teaspoonful of white peppercorns, and sufficient salt to flavour it properly, allowing for the ham, and the reduction. French cooks flavour this jelly with tarragon vinegar when it is clarified; cold poultry, game, fish, plovers’ eggs, truffles, and various dressed vegetables, with many other things often elaborately prepared, and highly ornamental, are moulded and served in it, especially at large dejeuners and similar repasts. It is also much used to decorate raised pies, and hams; and for many other purposes of the table.