Melted Butter

A good common Receipt


  • Water, ¼ pint
  • flour, 1 teaspoon: 2 minutes. Butter, oz.: 1 minute.


Put into a basin a large teaspoonful of flour, and a little salt, then mix with them very gradually and very smoothly a quarter of a pint of cold water; turn these into a small clean saucepan, and shake or stir them constantly over a clear fire until they have boiled a couple of minutes, then add an ounce and a half of butter cut small, keep, the sauce stirred until this is entirely dissolved, give the whole a minute’s boil, and serve it quickly. The more usual mode is to put the butter in at first with the flour and water; but for inexperienced or unskilful cooks the safer plan is to follow the present receipt.

Obs.—To render this a rich sauce, increase or even double the proportion of butter.