Bread Sauce with Onion


  • Bread-crumbs, nearly Β½ pint
  • white part of 1 large mild onion
  • new milk, ΒΎ pint: 40 to 60 minutes.
  • Seasoning of salt and grated nutmeg; butter, 1 oz.
  • cream, 4 tablespoonsful: to be boiled till of a proper consistence.


Put into a very clean saucepan nearly half a pint of fine bread-crumbs, and the white part of a large mild onion cat into quarters; pour to these three-quarters of a pint of new milk, and boil them very gently, keeping them often stirred until the onion is perfectly tender, which will he in from forty minutes to an hour. Press the whole through a hair-sieve, which should be as clean as possible; reduce the sauce by quick boiling should it be too thin; add a seasoning of salt and grated nutmeg, an ounce of butter, and four spoonsful of cream; and when it is of a proper thickness, dish, and send it quickly to table.

Obs.β€”This is an excellent sauce for those who like a subdued flavour of onion in it; but as many persons object to any, the cook should ascertain whether it be liked before she follows this receipt.