Common Lobster Sauce


  • melted butter, ½ pint
  • essence of anchovies, 1 tablespoonful
  • pounded mace, small ½ saltspoonful
  • less than ¼ one of cayenne
  • cream (if added), 2 tablespoonsful
  • flesh of small lobster.


Add to half a pint of good melted butter a tablespoonful of essence of anchovies, a small half-saltspoonful of freshly pounded mace, and less than a quarter one of cayenne. If a couple or spoonsful of cream should be at hand, stir them to the sauce when it boils; then put in the flesh of the tail and claws of a small lobster cut into dice (or any other form) of equal size. Keep the saucepan by the side of the fire until the fish is quite heated through, but do not let the sauce boil again : serve it very hot. A small quantity can be made on occasion with the remains of a lobster which has been served at table.