The Lady’s Sauce

For Fish


  • Coral of lobster, pounded; cream sauce, or sauce tournée (thickened pale Veal gravy), ½ to ¾ pint
  • lemon-juice, 1 tablespoonful
  • salt, cayenne, and mace, as needed.
  • or : rich melted butter, instead of other sauce
  • essence of anchovies, 2 dessertspoonsful
  • other seasoning, as above.


Pound to a very smooth paste the inside coral of a lobster with a mall slice of butter, and some cayenne; rub it through a hair-sieve, gather it together, and mix it very smoothly with from half to three-quarters of a pint of sauce tournée or of cream fish-sauce, previously well seasoned with cayenne and salt, and moderately with pounded mace; bring it to the point of boiling only; stir in quickly, but gradually, a tablespoonful of strained lemon-juice, and serve it very hot. When neither cream nor gravy is at hand, substitute rich melted butter mixed with a dessertspoonful or two of essence of anchovies, and well seasoned. The fine colour of the coral will be destroyed by boiling. This sauce, which the French call Sauce à l’Aurore, may be served with brill, boiled soles, gray mullet, and some few other kinds of fish : it is quickly made when the lobster butter. is in the house.

Obs.—The proportion of spices here must, of course, depend on the flavouring which the gravy or sauce may already have received.