Asparagus Sauce, for Lamb Cutlets


  • Asparagus points, ½ pint: boiled 10 to 15 minutes, longer if not quite tender.
  • Thickened Veal gravy, ½ pint
  • Yolks of eggs, 2.
  • Or: good melted butter, ½ pint
  • lemon-juice, small dessertspoonful, seasoning of salt and white pepper.


Green cut the tender points of some young asparagus into half-inch lengths, or into the size of peas only; wash them well, then drain and throw them into plenty of boiling salt and water. When they are quite tender, which may be in from ten to fifteen minutes, turn them into a hot strainer and drain the water thoroughly from them; put them, at the instant of serving, into half a pint of thickened veal gravy (see sauce tournée), mixed with the yolks of a couple of eggs, and well seasoned with salt and cayenne, or white pepper, or into an equal quantity of good melted butter: add to this last a squeeze of lemon-juice. The asparagus will become yellow if reboiled, or if left long in the sauce before it is served.