Baked Apple Sauce


Baked 1 hour (more or less according to the quality of the fruit, and temperature of the oven)


  • Good boiling apples, 1 quart
  • sugar, 1 oz.
  • butter, ½ oz.


Put a tablespoonful of water into a quart basin, and fill it with good boiling apples, pared, quartered, and carefully cored: put a plate over, and set them into a moderate oven for about an hour, or. until they are reduced quite to a pulp; beat them smooth with a clean wooden spoon, adding to them a little sugar and a morsel of fresh butter, when these are liked, though they will scarcely be required.

The sauce made thus is far superior to that which is boiled. When no other oven is at hand, a Dutch or an American one would probably answer for it; but we cannot assert this on our own experience.